Replacing the stock headlight setup with a South African VW grill kit. The installation instructions provided with the kit from GW were perfect and they took any of the guesswork out of the re-wiring.

The SA grill has attachment points that are different from the original headlight setup. Of the 5 original attachment points, only 1 is reused, the top-center one. Two of the original attachment points are removed to make way for the new high-beam assembly. In the instructions they did not include procedures for locating the new attachment points, and the low-beam headlight assembly did not come with a clip in the top outer tab(s) which were part of the original headlight housing removed. I tried to remove and reuse the clip, but it broke while trying to get it loose. Maybe somebody knows a better way to remove it?

My workaround was to make a tight fitting grommet from a wine bottle cork (synthetic cork). I used the densest cork I could find (we have a collection of old corks) and whittled off the backside into a rectangular shape that would fit into the light housing tab (see images below). I left a bit on so that once pushed through, the cork would grab and not come back out very easily. I drilled a hole through the center about half the diameter of the grill attachment post, this made for a snug fit. The cork expands around the post and becomes even more secure in the tab. So now my grill at least has three upper attachment points and feels pretty secure. If anyone has some other advice here, I would love to hear it.


Update to this project exactly one year later.

I have removed the wine cork solution now. I found a way to remove the original clips that are located in the top corner of the headlight bracket. You can pry them forward to remove them keeping an eye on the tiny little tabs located on the top and bottom of the clip. I had also squeezed the tabs a bit with some pliers to push the tabs out of the way. Once you pop it out you can snap it back into the new headlight bracket making sure those tabs now extend out to retain the clip in the new hole. Now the grill has three secure connection points.