My stock vanagon door panels were in bad shape, especially the sliding door panel which had been warped by exposure to water and smashed on the slider latch. It was being held together with staples and tape.

I took off the panels and stripped them down to the masonite. I made tracings from the original pagels onto sheets of 1/8″ luan plywood. I reused the panel clips where I could, and bought a few extra ford and chevy panel clips to help replace the missing ones.

The original door speakers had been ripped out by the PO, and replaced with grill-less speakers that protruded into the path of the window crank. This gave me one too many scraped up knuckles, I knew I needed a better place for the speakers. A nice large space is available in the lower section of the panel, room for bigger speakers than stock.

I wrapped the plywood with a layer of 1/16th foam and a light cream colored vinyl that matches the westfalia cabinets. The result is a plush panel that is about an 1/8 thicker than the stock panels. This presents a problem to get the handles and cranks to fit, they are designed for the stock panel thickness. The trick I had to do was to remove all of the padding where the handle connects, I also used a router to reduce the thickness around those areas.

My corners could use some tucking, I never was very good wrapping presents.

On a side note, I filled every possible bare metal space inside the doors with sound deadening material. What a huge difference, the doors used to sound tinny and hollow, and now they sound muffled and quiet like a fine German automobile.